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PLay tiME

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Having time to play as an artist, musician or educator is really important, not only for the ongoing care of ourselves as creative practitioners but also as a way to nurture the playfulness that is within us all.

Magic Acorns is hosting a series of three online play sessions for artists, musicians and educators who work creatively with very young children or who are interested in developing their playful creative approaches. The three online playtime sessions are inspired by our recent residency In-Between Spaces and will explore movement, sound and light/shadow play. Please see the EventBrite listings for more details.

These workshops are intended to be nourishing and playful, to enrich your work as an artist, musician or educator without the pressure of having to achieve particular outcomes. They offer a space to nurture playful approaches that will hopefully inspire and enliven your practice.

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