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Working with communities is at the heart of what we do.

Magic Acorns has grown out of a 20 year legacy of pioneering work in early childhood music and arts with families from Great Yarmouth in the East of England.

The community of artists, researchers and other professionals who have worked to develop this practice feel passionately about arts in early childhood, and strive to make this accessible, inclusive and community based.

"My child is accepted, understood and supported...really encouraging"

Parent Feedback

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You can download a PDF of the
of the full report here

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SALTmusic developed from an action research project between the music and arts team at Great Yarmouth Community Trust Sure Start Centre, and Speech and Language therapists (SLT) at East Coast Community Health in the East of England. This trailblazing work was celebrated in the Durham Commission on Creativity and Education (p48).

What is SALTmusic?

SALTmusic builds upon the idea that all babies are born with innate musical ability and that musical communication can contribute to our multiple forms of language.

SALTmusic offers musical, playful approaches which support speech, language and communication needs (SLCN). It fosters a nurturing, safe space for parents and children to play together in a supported environment.

Taking the pressure off talking, through sound rich/talk poor environments; an improvisatory approach, based on observation, has been found to increase participants’ confidence and children’s vocalisations through musical play. Through laughter, fun and a relaxed atmosphere we can support and nurture communication and the many languages of children.

SALTmusic sees communication as more than words and works with children and parents’ abilities to create an environment that celebrates and builds upon what they can do.

We can offer CPD based on these approaches, both online and in-person.  

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