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Magic Online - More Than Adults-in-Waiting

What very young children might tell us about time, music and philosophy if we started asking better questions?

Charlotte Arculus is a bag lady, an improvisor, an artist-animateur, VJ and experimental electro-acoustic musician. She makes music, visual theatre and immersive, emergent environments. She has been a freelance, socially engaged arts practitioner and community musician for 4 decades and is a founder member of Magic Acorns. Her experimental arts practices are honed through hanging out with toddlers and babies.

During her recently completed doctoral research, Charlotte attempted to think speculatively, creatively and productively with young children’s ways of knowing and understanding the world. She recognises children’s ways of knowing as more-than-adult and invites us to consider what might be possible if we try to understand children as thinkers and knowers in their own right rather than adults-in-waiting.

Charlotte’s research examined improvised arts-education practices that combined multimodal elements: sound, movement and materials (such as silk, string, light) to create encounters for young children, educators and practitioners from diverse backgrounds. During these encounters, adults (parents and educators) adopted a practice of stripping back their talking in order to tune into the polyphonic ways that children are becoming-with the world.

Charlotte will tell some of her research stories, and how she worked with methodological uncertainty, improvisation and absence in order to dance with the video and audio data that was made from the research sessions.

The session will be hosted on zoom and will last up to 1 hour and 15 minutes to include some time for discussion. We are recording this session and will give all ticket holders access to the recording for 1 week.

Still time to join - buy your ticket here


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