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Art and Intimacy - Ellen Dissanayake

We are very excited to be hosting this event that offers a rare opportunity to take part in an online webinar with independent scholar, author, and lecturer Ellen Dissanayake.

Ellen's writings about the arts synthesise many disciplines. Combining her interests in the arts and evolutionary biology, and drawing on fifteen years of living and working in Sri Lanka, Papua New Guinea, India, and Nigeria, Ellen developed a unique perspective that considers the arts to be necessary components of our evolved nature as humans.

Ellen will be presenting 'Art and Intimacy' which explores her hypothesis that the components of mother-baby interactions evolved in our ancestral past and became a precursor to receptiveness to all the arts.

The session will be hosted on zoom and will last for 1 hour, which will include some time for questions and discussion. We are anticipating this event to be very popular, to book tickets go to


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