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Emergent Life - Bronwyn Davies

Join us for this rare opportunity to listen and discuss with independent scholar Bronwyn Davies at our next online webinar on 26th November.

" The way we speak the world into existence, and the ways we interpret that mode of speaking, can be taken for granted, by us, as the unquestionable truth of the world.
The work of philosophy in developing new concepts enables us to look and to listen differently, and to creatively evolve beyond some of our unquestioned enunciative entrapments."

About Bronwyn

Bronwyn Davies is an independent scholar affiliated with Melbourne University, as Adjunct Professor, and with Western Sydney University, where she is an EmeritusProfessor.

The distinctive features of her work are her development of experimental and collaborative ways of doing research, incorporating into her thinking and writing elements of the visual, literary and performative arts. Her writing engages with the conceptual work of poststructuralist and new materialist philosophers.

Details of her publications can be found on her website

Her most recent books are New Lives in an Old Land: Re-turning to the Colonisation of New South Wales through the Stories of my Parents and Ancestors ([2019]2021, Brill) and Entanglement in the World’s Becoming and the Doing of New Materialist Inquiry (2021, Routledge) and The Arts of Living in a More-than-humanWorld with Jane Speedy (2024 DIO Press).


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