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Inside Out Network

Last week at our online Acorn Network Jess Pitt and Barbara Cavanagh shared the Inside Out research project.

"The Inside Out research project, which is funded jointly by RCM and the Froebel Trust, is inspired by Froebel’s philosophy that children, as unique, autonomous and creative beings, whose inner and the outer worlds are connected, learn about themselves and the world around them through diverse experiences, centred around play, creativity and relationships. The research project will enable a deep study of children’s sound play." (Quote from Barbara's blog post)

Jess and Barbara have been working together looking at some of the Magic Acorns' film recordings and analysing them through a Froebelian lens. Using slow-mo to watch and rewatch film clips they foreground the sound-body intra-actions. Read more about the Inside Out research project as it develops here.

We will be sharing their presentation online in the near future. Sign up to receive blog posts into your mailbox by clicking on the sign up box at the top of this page.


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